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We are working in partnership with the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre at Nottingham Trent University on projects that are focussed on increasing awareness of prostate cancer in our community.  The Centre is also developing new approaches for detecting and treating cancer.
The work of the John van Geest Cancer Research Centre
The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre at Nottingham Trent University is a unique purpose-built scientific facility in the East Midlands.  The Centre's  aim is to save lives and speed recovery by improving the early diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
The opening of its purpose-built premises at Nottingham Trent University's Clifton campus in 2010 allowed the team to focus on two key approaches to the treatment of patients with cancer.
  • Improving the diagnosis and management of prostate, breast and other cancers
  • Developing effective immunotherapies that improve the survival and quality of life for cancer sufferers
Our team of dedicated and world class scientists work with state-of-the art equipment and facilities; enabling us to successfully meet the significant challenges of modern day cancer research. The video below summarises the work of the Centre and introduces you to some of our dedicated researchers.
The science behind our work in the centre is not easy to explain. However, the video below  explains what we do in the fields of genomics (the study of genes) and proteomics (the study of proteins). We then analyse the vast amount of information which these generate using bioinformatics. These are vital steps to us in cracking the cancer code.
Although we are aware that the immune system protects us from infections, it is also vital in protecting us against cancer. The Centre is undertaking leading research into the immune system and its interaction with cancer cells. These studies are providing insight into the capacity of cancer to 'switch off' the immune system, and the knowledge that is needed in order to develop more effective approaches for targetting and killing cancer by 'triggering' the immune system to attack it. The video below explains the work which is being undertaken in this area.
Treating cancer can never be a 'one size fits all' approach. The Centre's research is revealing important information about this disease and will result in more precise and effective treatments for cancer.