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‘Welcome to the Brotherhood’

Friends and Bredrins is a cancer support and self-help group which is based in Nottingham, the aim of which is to help all Caribbean and African men, as well as all other ethnic minorities.  If we can help just one person and make a difference to their life by providing the essential support which is needed or wanted, then the time and effort that we put in will have been worth it.
The aim of this website is tell our stories of how cancer has disrupted all our lives, and how we deal with that.  We also wish to create e a community in which all of those who wish to, can come together and talk about the issues concerning them.  We want this website to remind you that you are not alone.

We are here for you..........
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We are a cancer self help group, formed with the help of Nottingham’s BME cancer communities programme.
We decided to create the F.A.B group (friends and bredrins) as a way of helping prevent or reduce the risks of You developing cancer, by creating greater awareness of cancer, in particular prostate cancer.
We are men who have experienced, or are still experiencing, the impact that cancer has on our lives.




We meet monthly at GMB Offices, 542 Woodborough Road, Nottingham
NG3 5FJ 

Please see the contact us tab for further information.
We have been involved in the creation of a book titled ‘Hear Me Now’.
A report by Rose Thompson of the BME cancer communities Feb 2013. About ‘the uncomfortable reality of prostate cancer among Black African-Caribbean men’.
And we are working with the John Van Geest Research Cancer Research Centre supporting their research and their new app creation or Prostate Cancer to raise awareness.